Maine Into Tomorrow

There are things we can achieve together that will establish a positive path for Maine’s future. Doyle & Nelson has played an instrumental role in guiding decision-makers and business leaders in our state for over four decades, and we have set our sights on a new century of growth and prosperity for our clients and our common community.

You Matter, We Listen

Direct, open communication between attorney and client ensures the best representation. Our professionals take the time to listen carefully, to gain broader, deeper perspectives. This enhances our ability to provide insight and value to our clients that frequently goes beyond legal advice.

Law at a Personal Level

We have intentionally remained a small firm for over 40 years because we believe smaller is better. Not small on talent, not small on experience, and certainly not small on enthusiasm — but small enough that every one of our clients works directly with experienced attorneys who are intimately involved and engaged with every facet of their representation. Our clients deserve and expect nothing less.

In the current economy, clients often need strategic, savvy, and nimble solutions to their legal problems. They do not need, and can no longer afford, firms whose main solution is to dump resources and armies of lawyers on a matter.

Our attorneys consistently deliver legal services that are comparable or superior to larger firms, while providing a level of responsiveness, strategic thinking, and attention not found elsewhere.