Do You Want a New Dump in Your Town?

Here are some real facts.  Maine has roughly 400 closed landfills – what to do with them?  Should we make more of them?

The answer is found in some recent polling which we did which says that only 5% of Maine people prefer to dispose of their waste in landfills.  They like waste processing facilities which burn 90% of the trash and only contribute 10% to landfills.

The Maine Legislature, which occasionally gets hammered for not looking forward, has already enacted a waste management hierarchy with the goal of minimizing the portion of waste being landfilled, but the hierarchy hasn’t got any financial support structure.  New legislation which is in the process of being studied: LD 1483, “An Act to Promote and Enhance state Policy to Preserve and Support Existing Methods of Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste”, puts together a methodology to make sure that we continue incinerating waste; that we make it economically feasible and provide money to municipalities that have to pay tipping fees for their citizens waste.

It’s a classic Maine solution to a problem.  We see a problem; we define it; we fix it; and we try to do it economically.  Maine has traditionally taken care of its environment and this legislation certainly is supportive of that effort.